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Indoor Treatment  For Coronavirus
Germs, Viruses & Allergens

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Indoor Allergy Relief Within 6 Hours GUARANTEED!

Mold-Pet Dander- Dust Mites-Pollens, Etc.
Are A Major Cause of Allergy Attacks

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Welcome to step ONE of our indoor anti-allergen treatment.
We start with using a true HEPA vacuum inside your home or your business.
We will vacuum the carpet, the hardwood floors, the vinyl and your tile.
All your hard surfaces throughout your entire home or your business will be HEPA vacuumed.
After we finish vacuuming all the floors, we will vacuum your furniture, bedroom
mattresses, and anything else that needs to be HEPA vacuumed.

In step TWO of our anti-allergen treatment we use our Xtreme Vapor™ treatment throughout your home or business. The vapor treatment is unique to Envirotize. This is the same process we use to perform bacteria, germ, and virus removal. The Envirotize Xtreme Vapor™ basically denatures allergens (more on this in a minute). Maybe you are allergic to pet dander such as cat, dog, dust mite allergen, or another indoor allergen or it could be pollens you are allergic to. Our Xtreme Vapor process only takes two hours to complete from start to finish (See Video).

If you Pre-HEPA-Vacuumed everything yourself before we arrive, this would be a two-step process instead of a three-step process, and you save money!

When the vapor treatment is complete there is no residue left behind, there is nothing left on any surface (It’s like we were never there… again watch the video and see for yourself).

Okay How Does It Work?
Think about denaturing like this. In your body you have a padlock.

Now let’s pretend the key to the lock is the Allergen floating around in the air, sitting on furniture and on your floors. The Key happens to be the allergen you are allergic to.
Whenever you breathe in the dog dander, cat dander, dust mite allergens or whatever allergen you are allergic to, it unlocks that padlock and bam, YOU have an allergy attack.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could help you with reducing those indoor allergy
attacks? Yes, it would!

This Is How We Eliminate Those Indoor Allergens
Our proprietary Xtreme Vapor™ molecule is an oxidizing free radical and it reacts with several amino acids that make up proteins.  The vapor bends and breaks these proteins and causes them to be non-functional. Your body no longer recognizes the allergen. So now when you breathe in that allergen deep into your lungs, it does not unlock that lock anymore, it basically does not fit the lock, so you have no allergy attack!

You no longer have an allergy attack inside your home, business, automobile, etc. or your allergy attacks are greatly reduced after our allergen treatment is complete.

We have lots and lots of testimonies because it works.
We also have a 100% hundred percent guarantee.
If our system does not work for you, you pay us nothing.

We are at step three of our indoor allergen control service. Step 3 is our final step.

We use an ultra-low volume sprayer, or some people call this a fogger, but, it’s an ultra-low volume sprayer that puts out a mist between 20 to 50 microns in size.

We go throughout your house on step three and we spray down all the furniture, lamp shades, basically everything from ceiling to floor.

We get all the indoor surfaces slightly damp and it does not leave a film and is completely safe for people and pets.

This concludes our indoor allergen control.
We have a 95% success rate.
Most people love it.
You no longer need to make the decision to give your pet away due to sudden allergic reactions to your pets’ dander.

Give us a call because you have nothing to lose and only fresh air to gain!

Do not forget that you, the homeowner or business owner, can save money on our service by skipping step one and HEPA vacuuming all the floor surfaces, furniture and bedroom mattresses in your property before we arrive.

Thank you so much. Have a great day.

Call us with any questions you might have… 615-486-4300

Envirotize Benefits

✓ Improved Health

Reduces allergens, molds, bacteria, germs and viruses. With sanitizing, we lower our risk for food borne illness, allergy symptoms and asthma attacks.

✓ Effective and Safe Products

Our primary product is made with botanical, non-corrosive, non-staining, 100% organic, highly renewable and biodegradable ingredients.

✓ People and Pet Friendly

Our products are so safe that you can bring your kids and pets back within 30 minutes.

✓ Made in the USA

All our products are sourced and produced here in the USA.

✓ Affordable

We think that this is so important, that we want it to be affordable. The reason we are willing to work on such a low margin
of profit is because we hope you will know, like and trust us enough to use our other services and refer us to your friends and family.