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How Do We Accomplish The Impossible?


That We Want To Share With You…”

Envirotize™ Uses Advanced Testing Methods

That Will Open Your Eyes

To The Invisible World Of Germ Removal

Where The Impossible Becomes Possible 

ATP Testing 

 How do we accomplish the impossible?  We have a secret we want to share with you!

ENVIROTIZE uses advanced testing methods that will open your eyes to the invisible world of germ removal, where the impossible becomes possible!

Health Departments Use This Test

This short blog post is a demonstration of the importance of proper cleaning and performing ATP Testing on touchpoints.   This is the same test the Health Department use in restaurants, meat packing plants, poultry plants, any facility that handles food products. This is how they test for cleanliness, of the surfaces that may harbor germs, and bacteria that could make people sick.  

How We Use An ATP Meter

Using an ATP Meter, we take a swab sample of a countertop or any hot touchpoint like doorknobs, kitchen, and bathroom faucet handles, etc. and insert it into the meter to get our cleanliness reading.  The meter will countdown 15 seconds (15 to 0) then display a number. 

Before cleaning the surface, we can swab any touchpoint and get our starting number to determine how dirty the surface is before we clean. After cleaning we want the number to be between zero and 30 on the point system.  

Our first reading is 344 shown on the video, which is considered “dirty”.  If you look at the countertop in the video, it looks clean but by the 344 reading, we know that there are germs and bacteria present.

Cleaning Touchpoints The Proper Way Is Critical 

Next, we clean the same area of the countertop that we pre-tested, with Envirotize Xtreme-Clean and a microfiber cloth; and perform another swab test using the ATP Meter.  We want the points to be somewhere between zero and 30, which is the Hygienists suggested ATP levels of clean.  Our points log at 35 a 309 point drop from our pretest of 344. That is a good number after cleaning the surface and it also gives us a good starting point to disinfect now.  

Refrigerator Handles Can Look Clean But Be A Breading Ground For Germs!

In another example, we are performing an ATP Test on the refrigerator handle before we do any cleaning or disinfecting.  After the 15 second countdown the reading shows 878 points.  That number is considered “very dirty”.  We will retest the handle after the Envirotize Xtreme Cleaning & Disinfecting process.

We Clean All The Hot Touchpoints

In your house we would clean all the touch points; doorknobs, faucets, handles, the surfaces you touch often in your home with Envirotize Xtreme-Clean.  We clean all touch points inside of the property prior to the Disinfecting process using Envirotize Xtreme Disinfectant.

Next, We Perform The Critical Disinfecting Process

Now when the cleaning process is complete, we will begin the disinfecting process.  This is a particularly important step in our Envirotize Cleaning Process.  This is where we disinfect your entire house.  

We are also applying a barrier that leaves a residual which continues to protect surfaces.  We want your home to be Ultra Clean.  Even though surfaces look visibly clean, there are unseen germs, bacteria, and viruses that you come in contact with.  

These contaminants are easily spread from one person to another.  Disinfecting eliminates/kills the germs, viruses, bacteria, all the stuff that is bad.  You will have a house that is ultra clean!

And The Final Score Is…

Let’s go back to the refrigerator handle.  Remember, the ATP Test reading showed 878 points, “very dirty”, prior to cleaning with Envirotize Xtreme-Clean and disinfecting with Envirotize Xtreme Disinfectant.   Now that the cleaning and disinfecting process is complete, lets re-test the handle using the ATP Meter.  After the 15 second countdown, the meter shows a reading of ZERO, that is a perfect score! it just cannot get any cleaner than using Envirotize!

Go to our website for more information or give us a call to Envirotize your property.   Thank you so much.