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Indoor Treatment  For Coronavirus
Germs, Viruses & Allergens

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Treat For COVID-19 - The Coronavirus?
A. Our product is on the list of EPA approved disinfectants deemed to be effective against COVID-19.
Q. I have my home professionally cleaned weekly. Why do I need you?

A. Just because a home is visually clean, does not mean it is germ free. Housecleaners are working on getting your home visually clean, not sanitary. In fact if done incorrectly, it can spread germs.

Q. But they use bleach. Isn’t that enough?
A. Most products on the market, and even bleach need 4-10 minutes of dwell time (meaning wet on the surface) to be effective. This is usually not practical, nor particularly safe for your things. Our product only requires 2 minutes to kill c. diff, which is one of the hardest things to kill.
Q. Will it leave my stuff sticky or leave a residue?
A. No, Our product has no sticky residue. The antimicrobial residual is microscopic. You will only know it is there and working because our ATP meter can prove it.
Q. Is it expensive?
A. No. We think that this is so important, that we want it to be affordable. The reason we are willing to work on such a low margin of profit because we hope you will know, like and trust us enough to use our other services and refer us to your friends and family.
Q. How often should I have treatment?
A. Much like housecleaning, it depends largely on your situation. Do you have kids and pets, do you go many places, are you asthmatic or immune challenged? These, along with personal preference, determine what schedule is best. We will work with you to determine what is best for YOU.
Q. Is there a guarantee?
A. We can guarantee that all hard, non-porous surfaces will be sanitized when we leave. We are happy to use an ATP meter to measure cleanliness. But, just like with any cleaning, we cannot prevent re-exposure.
Q. Then why would I use it if you cannot guarantee that we will not get sick?
A. When we sanitize a house, we eliminate all bacteria, germs, odors and viruses that are present at that time. Look at it this way, if you are in a room with ten snakes. You would have to defend yourself from all ten snakes. But if I went in and eliminated the ten snakes and after I left one snake came into your room. You would only have to defend yourself against one snake. You have much better odds of success, right? It is the same with viruses and allergens, if you
only are fighting off what entered since we were last there, you have a much better chance of warding them off.