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Hi Folks, Joe, with Environtize.

Today, I would like to talk to you about the importance of proper use of any chemical for disinfecting, sanitizing, or even for cleaning.

Reading and following the directions on the chemical label is crucial to the success with any chemical.

What I’ve witnessed firsthand is that some company’s technicians will start read and follow the labels instructions. For instance, let’s say it’s a very concentrated product and the label says four ounces in a gallon of water the technician takes that four ounces and puts it in the gallon of water.

Then shakes or stirs to mix thoroughly and starts using product.

But if you continue to read down the label, the label might suggest a dwell time for the product which is required to get proper disinfection.

Dwell times differ from product to product.

Dwell time means that the surface you are spraying needs to remain damp or wet for a certain amount of time to get the indicated kill.

Some products need 10-minute dwell time and others might only need five minutes dwell time or less, so following the products label instruction is extremely important.

Most people will spray a product onto a surface and then wipe the spray off the surface immediately.

As I indicated earlier all products have a dwell time and by not following the label instructions you are wasting your time and money.

99.9% is a three-log product and 99.99 would be a four-log product.

The higher the log number, the more potent the product is, which translates into more bad stuff being killed by that product.

When you clean a surface, you are simply removing a portion of the germs, bacteria, and viruses.

When you sanitize a surface, you are further reducing the germ, bacteria, and virus count.

But the golden ticket is to disinfect the surface because disinfecting kills germs, bacteria, and viruses down to the log kill indicated on the product container.

Look at the chart below so you can understand the differences between the different log numbers.

Let’s now cover the type of application device you should use to apply the chemical to surfaces.

Application methods are extremely important.

Some labels might say you can only apply their product using a pump-up sprayer and others may say you can use a pump-up sprayer, a fogger or an electrostatic sprayer.

Not following the label directions could get businesses into big trouble because all EPA registered products go through vigorous testing to come up with the kill log number and the dwell times based on the equipment used in the testing.

At Envirotize, we believe in following label directions exactly as they are written.

We want our clients to receive the absolute best disinfection service available.

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